I am a ghostwriter, my own ghostwriter. So while this blog is indeed mine, it is that of the shadowed selves i sometimes fail to recognise as being me. If writing writes you, sometimes revealing those things that you hadn't intended for it to say,* then I write with the intention of exposing me to myself. sketching serendipity therefore depicts a series of thoughts and experiences in the hope of projecting a multidimensional self-portrait in the making.

* J.M Coetzee's theories on writing in Doubling The Point.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Garden Pot

In a rustic-looking corner-spot of the yard, there's a large garden pot of chilli trees weaving themselves through wild tomato plants and a lone carrot tree. It’s all a bit much to have in one pot, but for as long as it is all in there, I will remain grateful for its teaching ways. My garden reminds me that falling flowers can never diminish the magnificence of a tree – its death only makes way for something more grand. Indeed, every absence and flaw is not without a purpose.

Verily, along with every hardship comes relief/  Verily, along with every hardship comes relief.” [94:5-6]


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