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* J.M Coetzee's theories on writing in Doubling The Point.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bridal Make-up and Hijaab Ideas

I was inspired by a makeupgeek tutorial on how to do Arabian/ Middle Eastern make-up. It resulted in a bit of retail therapy at the Inglot counter in Cavendish Square.

I tried to recreate the look on my cousin's eyes using the wrong brushes (not intentionally - I was away from home). Curiously, it worked. The look is a subtle one, with hues in gold, brown and (a less visible) plum.

And my tool-kit? Laughable but workable:

  • The Classic Brow Brush #12 by Smashbox
  • Eyeshadow foam brush by Avon
  • Custom-made eyeshadow pallet by Inglot (see picture below)

To check out the tutorial and many others of its kind on makeupgeek, visit the link below:

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