I am a ghostwriter, my own ghostwriter. So while this blog is indeed mine, it is that of the shadowed selves i sometimes fail to recognise as being me. If writing writes you, sometimes revealing those things that you hadn't intended for it to say,* then I write with the intention of exposing me to myself. sketching serendipity therefore depicts a series of thoughts and experiences in the hope of projecting a multidimensional self-portrait in the making.

* J.M Coetzee's theories on writing in Doubling The Point.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

blogging sketchingserendipity and MISS(placed) ENGLISH

I have three blogs, two of which are currently available for viewing. Something tells me I should create a fourth - except that that would be too many to manage. The thing is, I need a blog that will allow me to write about all the vastly different issues that interest me. Thus far, one of them (titled Miss[placed] English) is dedicated to only my teaching experiences, yet somehow I  found myself struggling to commit to a single topic on one blog, and so included a completely unrelated subject: that concerning the politics and social consequences of Imperialism and Racialism in a modern context. I realise that blogs needn't be bogged down by monotonous topics, but at the same time, their readers need to be able to walk through them like they do in an aisle in a shopping mall; offering exciting, great varieties in relation to each other, and similar in purpose. So, may this one be dedicated to all things novel and piqued in discovery. 


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  1. hi rawiyah.. ya i agree, you expand your niche, less rigid. You are a great writer, you can write just about anything,with a touch of humor sometimes, in just 1 blog.
    do visit my site, my friend posted as guest thanks..you may want to get to know her..nice lady. thanks